Opening and Blessing of McAuley College

"Good morning and welcome to McAuley College. We welcome our invited guests who will be more formally acknowledged as part of our Opening Ceremony. This morning we gather to celebrate our community; to give thanks for the academic year ahead and to express our gratitude for the new buildings that will enhance our learning.

I thank Most Reverend Bishop Ken Howell, Auxiliary Bishop for the Archdiocese of Brisbane for leading us in mass; which will incorporate the blessing our new buildings completed as part of Stage Two. We are also grateful to the Honourable Linus Power MP, State Member for Logan, who will open our buildings.

In 2017, McAuley College welcomed our first students, 36 Year 7 students. Since that time, we have committed to putting on our boots and building a community centred around the values witnessed by the story of Jesus and that of Catherine McAuley.

Boots are a symbol we have chosen as a rural community to remind of us how we are called to be people of action. We follow in the footsteps of those who have gone before us, and build a legacy around our touchstones of BELIEVE, LEARN and SERVE, through our words and actions, showing we are people of Mercy.

I acknowledge the work of the potter, Jeannie MacDermott, who through her hands shaped the symbol of our boots you see here today… and give thanks that for a short brief time our paths crossed… “May she rest in peace”.

At McAuley College, we talk about EXCELLENCE in the words of Catherine’s… to do our ordinary everyday actions, extraordinarily well. We thank the many who put on their boots and gave of their skills and expertise to complete Stage Two of our buildings. We are grateful that each day in their work they strived, like we do, for EXCELLENCE. In particular, we thank Bertoldi Architects, Lawrie Bertoldi and Amanda Bertoldi-Ward; the Builders, Herron Corey, Nick Herron, Dan Mickan, and our foreman, Mark Siggurs; and the many staff of Brisbane Catholic Education who support our work in building and facilities, in particular, Gerry Conway and Mark Middleton.

I acknowledge the Sisters of Mercy who every day are our inspiration, to build on the wonderful legacy they founded of quality Catholic education in the Scenic Rim. We are pleased to welcome Sr Catherine Reuter, Congregation Leader of the Brisbane Sisters of Mercy, and our friends, Sr Mary Lawson and Sr Catharina Robinson.

And of course, today, I am so proud of our community; our parents, our staff and our students. Because at the heart they are the reason we build… the reason we put on our boots and the reason we strive for EXCELLENCE.

This morning, students will process in with symbols of our story and values… these will include the hand-crafted boots and Mercy Crosses. Boots will be placed in each classroom as part of a Prayer table, and the Mercy Cross will be part of each learning and work space. Today, Bishop Howell will bless these… and for us, they will connect us to the example of Jesus and Catherine, as we work each day to be good and better people."


Prinicipal's welcome by Mrs. Deidre Young


Bishop Ken Howell blessing the boots


Principal Mrs. Deidre Young with pupils cutting the celebration cake



Students of McAuley College

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