Who We Are

The Brisbane Sisters of Mercy is a group of Catholic women religious. As followers of Jesus, we understand our mission as participating in God's mission of mercy.

Our inspiration is drawn from Catherine McAuley, who founded the Sisters of Mercy in Ireland in 1831. Catherine recognised and responded to the needs of those who were marginalised and oppressed by the unjust social attitudes and practices of the day.

Our History

Ellen Whitty (Mother M Vincent) and her five companions arrived in Brisbane on the 10 May 1861 at the invitation of Bishop Quinn thus bringing the first Sisters of Mercy to Queensland and establishing what we know today as the Brisbane Congregation of the Sisters of Mercy.

Our Mission & Vision

We are compelled by God's spirit and our tradition to work, both individually and corporately, to bring about a more just and compassionate world.

Together with our partners in ministry, we work to realise the vision of Catherine McAuley and Ellen Whitty in our time and place.

We endeavour to develop collaborative relationships and processes so as to continue the Mercy tradition of service in sustainable ways.

Our Chapter Statement 2013-2018

Embracing the future together as Mercy women, conscious of sharing earth with the whole of God’s creation, in a spirit of open-hearted hospitality we renew our commitment to mercy, compassion and justice.

We seek to live the gospel challenge courageously through contemplation and action, in solidarity with those suffering poverty, disadvantage and exclusion.

We value collaboration with those who share our vision and commitment.

We endorse our on-going engagement in the special focus areas of Advocacy, Care for Creation, Lifestyle and Spirituality and hold ourselves open to new initiatives.

We commit ourselves to exploring new ways of sharing and deepening our communal life.

We affirm that participation is critical to unifying leadership and commit to giving this practical expression.