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Mercy International Association

Mercy International Association is an organisation of the leaders of Mercy Congregations, Institutes and Federations throughout the world, founded to serve the Sisters of Mercy, their associates and colleagues in ministry.

The most extensive collaboration among Sisters of Mercy, founded by Catherine McAuley in Dublin, Ireland in 1831, has been the creation of the Mercy International Association in 1992. The purpose of this Association is to inspire Sisters of Mercy and their Associates to incarnate the spirit of Catherine McAuley in ways which are creative and appropriate to the needs of our time and to foster unity of mind and heart among Sisters of Mercy world wide.

Members of the Association share the passion of their foundress, Catherine McAuley, to bring mercy to people who are poor, sick and uneducated.

Mercy International Centre

Welcome to Catherine's House, the first house of Mercy built by Catherine McAuley in response to the needs of the poor of Dublin.

It is home to the Mercy family from all over the world.

Catherine's House is a Centre of Hospitality, Heritage, Pilgrimage and Renewal. It is a Wellspring of inspiration for those who come to continue Catherine's mission with new life.

Mercy Partners

The Sisters of Mercy Congregations of Cairns, Townsville, Rockhampton and Brisbane are the sponsors for a large range of ministries that include hospitals, aged care, schools and community services.

The Mission of Mercy Partners is to contribute to the emergence of a world where the healing, liberating and life-giving mercy of God is experienced.

For some years now they have been considering future sponsorship of their ministries and what might be a suitable structure for it. They agreed to work together to found Mercy Partners and took a formal application for its establishment to Rome in September 2008. Their reasons for doing so included:

  • The significance they attach to their current ministries,
  • Their strong convictions regarding the call of lay people to ministry leadership at all levels and
  • The diminishment they are experiencing in terms of numbers but also in that they now have many fewer Sisters able and willing to take sponsorship responsibility on leadership teams and Boards than was once the case.

The principal responsibilites of Mercy Partners:

The primary responsibility of Mercy Partners will be to ensure that each of its ministries acts in accordance with its status as a Church sponsored ministry. To this end, it will have certain powers reserved to it, and these will be spelled out in the Constitution of each ministry.

Sisters of Mercy in Australia & Papua New Guinea

A website hub connecting the four new sectors of the Sisters of Mercy across Australia and PNG.

We, the Sisters of Mercy, Brisbane, Sisters of Mercy, North Sydney, Sisters of Mercy, Parramatta and the new Institute of Sisters of Mercy of Australia and Papua New Guinea, are united with each other through the enduring inspiration of Catherine McAuley, our shared history in Australia, our collaboration in works of mercy, the theological section of our constitutions and the many strong friendships among us.