Mercy Community launches new brand and logo.

Sr Catherine Reuter, Congregation Leader of the Sisters of Mercy Brisbane, spoke at the launch of the new logo for Mercy Community. 

“Today, as Mercy Community Service launches its new logo of the ‘heart-cross’ and brand ‘mercy community’: let each be a ‘touch stone’ for the organisation and MCS’ 700+ staff – for what you do well, how you and those you are with in ministry will feel and why you are trustworthy, loyal and see/act ‘the more’.

The heart-cross is a simple, powerful, visible cornerstone expression of MCS identity, vision, values and culture.

The cross - MCS is a Catholic ministry grounded in and inspired by the Gospel of Jesus – drawing inspiration from his life, teachings, struggle, care, suffering, death, resurrection and the promise of new life

The heart is that inner spiritual space each has - from which mercy is freely given. For MCS, the heart is that place of courage and compassion from which and where everyone can feel welcomed, loved, forgiven and empowered to live.

The intertwining of cross and heart is the activity within the logo – the intertwining - points to the reality of human life and need and names MCS’ response as ‘the action of merciful love’… love costs and the giver might have to bear the cost/scars - of love as did Jesus, Catherine McAuley, Sisters of Mercy, as have generations of women and men of mercy, as MCS and you do!

The brand Mercy Community positions the ministry and its constantly evolving story and expressions of mercy within the mystery of God who is ‘mercy’

It claims mercy IS alive and active – connecting lives, partnering, collaborating, making a difference, being in communion with others individuals, organisations and government groups.

So please don’t let MCS’ brand and logo drift into the ‘white noise’ and ‘invisibility’ of advertising - rather let them be ‘living touchstones’ which MCS continues to explore, think and talk about for it’s in their message and implications, their layers of meaning and their corporate and personal invitation to be mercy that you’ll discover and contribute to MCS’ evolving expression of identity in today’s world.”

Mercy Community Logo

Whilst the registered company name will remain as Mercy Community Services SEQ Ltd, it will be promoted and advertised in the market place as Mercy Community.  Elaine DeVos, CEO of Mercy Community in communicating this change says:

“We are writing to let you know that Mercy Community Services SEQ Ltd has undergone some exciting changes.


Supporting healthy communities, alongside our partners, is central to everything we do and our focus is on individualised person-centred care.  To reflect this, we have amended our trading name to Mercy Community.


As a Catholic organisation our work is inspired be the person and mission of Jesus, mercy Community’s collective mission within the overarching mission of the Sisters of Mercy and Ellen Whitty.  There is an integral relationship between the work we undertake with the people we support and our mission, which is at the heart of all we do.  With this inspiration, we have created a new logo and branding that reflects the mission and values of our organisation.


It is important that our brand nurtures an inclusive environment for staff, stakeholders and the people we support of all faiths and none, oriented to fostering and sustaining the spiritual dimension concerning the dignity of ever human person.”

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