Celebrating 130 Years of Service Excellence

The Sisters of Mercy, Brisbane Congregation, recently joined with Board and staff members from Holy Cross Laundry to celebrate 130 years of service. In 1888 the Congregation opened a home in Wooloowin to meet the needs of unmarried mothers, women in need and intellectually and physically handicapped people. An industrial laundry was built nearby in 1889 to create revenue and to provide employment for those resident in the home.

Today, Holy Cross Laundry is the longest serving commercial laundry in Australia, and is committed to creating a fully integrated workplace, offering safe and stable employment to disabled persons. Delivery of the service has become highly mechanized and is currently meeting the laundry needs of a number of hospitals and other health facilities.

Recently, the Board has expanded the activities of Holy Cross into cleaning and catering services, increasing the possibilities of disabled persons to learn new skills and develop their capabilities in a work environment.

Holy Cross has been creative in adapting their services to twenty-first century models, and at the same time, has remained true to the original commitment of meeting the needs of the vulnerable in society. While the work-place has become more mechanized, the environment remains one in which people are met with mercy and compassion.

Mr Troy Mc Dowall speaking with the Sisters of Mercy
gathered to celebrate the 130 years with Holy Cross board directors, management and staff.