Jubilarians 2012

Trinity Sunday, falling on 3 June, this year provided the backdrop for the Congregation’s Jubilee celebrations. All Hallows’ Chapel was the venue for Mass. Bursts of colour radiated from the glow of multi-coloured candles that lined the altar and two floral arrangements rich in tones of red, yellow and orange caught the viewer’s eye on entering this familiar and sacred place. The Jubilarians, celebrating forty, fifty, sixty and seventy years of religious profession, posed for an array of photographs prior to the commencement of Mass. During this gathering time, ‘mercy’ music from the restored pipe organ contributed to the joyous atmosphere.

After a welcome to our celebrants, Bishop Bill Morris and Father John Fitz-Herbert, from Sandra Lupi rsm and a quiet moment to acknowledge the first people and land ‘we pay respects to the elders past and present and the traditions with which they have gifted this place.' the entrance song Quam Dilecta echoed through the chapel thanks to the efforts of the choir.

The prayers, readings, renewal of vows, reflection from Bishop Bill, songs and silences of the Mass graced all and provided numerous opportunities for each sister to reflect on

a new sense of your mystery,
a new experience of your presence,
a new commitment to your gospel.

While the front cover of the Jubilee booklet, featuring Rublev’s icon ‘The Trinity’, a favourite among the Jubilarians, invited each to join the meal - communion. The Trinity as a community of Love invites each to enter. Rublev’s icon communicates this amazing invitation clearly and simply highlighting that the basis of the Divine Life is hospitality – or mercy.

So from the Chapel, at the conclusion of Mass, celebrations moved to The Pavilion at Albion for another experience of hospitality - the sharing of food, drink and friendship. The afternoon was a wonderful experience of communion enriched by table conversation, toasts, responses, the sharing of stories and the cutting of the Jubilee cakes.

We had once again through these Jubilee celebrations been nourished by the gifts of God’s grace.

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